Auto engine overheating troubleshooting four trick to get

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Engine overheating is a common fault, it will lead to engine power generation, economic decline, serious damage to the machine, so this kind of trouble should be promptly eliminated. Take Santana car as an example, the four step method is introduced to eliminate the engine temperature too high".    a look :   found that the temperature is too high or the temperature indicator constantly flashing, to stop check, see if the cooling water of the tank is normal, the water tank, the engine water pipe and the joints have leakage. If no abnormality has been detected by surface examination, the cooling water shall be supplied as required to continue driving. If traveling some distance, is that temperature is too high, and stop to check the cooling water to reduce a lot, this is mostly because of the water jacket gas cylinder has hole or perforation and loss. After finding this fault, it should be repaired and never be taken lightly.    two touch    when the engine temperature is too high, you can use your hands to touch the temperature of the engine water pipe and the underwater pipe to determine the fault. If the temperature difference between the two pipes is very large, they can be judged as thermostat and do not work. On the way, if not buy parts, can remove the thermostat emergency, to be returned to the unit immediately after replacement.    three put    if there is air in the cooling system, it will form air blocking, which will make the cooling water cycle bad and cause the engine temperature to be too high. May adopt the following approach: let the gas engine running in high speed, the tank cover to just gently unscrew the gas is released, at this time there will be a part of the cooling water flow together with the gas, so repeatedly, until you feel the gas discharge end (at the same time, touch the upper and lower water temperature will be significantly different). After the troubleshooting, the cooling water should be added in time.    four punch    if the vehicle for a long time running on the dirt road or muddy road, there will be some dirt adhered to the radiator; over time, it will affect the heat dissipation effect, causing the water temperature is too high. You can use the compressed air to blow the radiator grille and flush with the pipe.