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2006: April 26th, Zhejiang Motorbacs  Autoparts Co., Ltd. was established, and is committed to various 

         types of pipe processing and production.

2010: the successful development of two exhaust manifold, the formal support for OEM marching.

2012: Ningbo Triz Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd.,  wholly owned subsidiary of Motorbacs  was founded.

2014: the leading products from the engine pipe successfully transformed into high, light, lightweight 

         chassis parts, the introduction of 4 automatic internal high-pressure production lines, annual 

         capacity of 800 thousand Set.

2015: renamed Zhejiang Motorbacs Technology Co., Ltd., the internal pressure molding pipe market share

         further improved, the supporting models annual sales of about 1000000 units.

2016: company second factory newly increased 8 independent research and development of automatic 

         internal pressure molding production line, and in May 2016 formally put into production, 

         production capacity of 3 million sets.

2016: Received the transfer letter [2016]5490 on July and was listed. Division I stock abbreviation:

         Motorbacs technology, stock code: 838462.

2017: Become Shanghai GM, TUOPU, LIUQI, BAIC, GEELY, XPENG, ENLAI, MAGNA and other famous automotive company suppliers.